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If you’re planning on conducting any tree projects in a conservation area then you will need to make the necessary applications for you to stay  within the law. Tree conservation areas in Chepstow are local areas of exceptional historical or environmental interest which are given protection against modifications that might have a detrimental impact on these elements.

Chepstow Tree Surgeons will assist you to get through the system of carrying out tree work in conservation areas by conducting your applications & communicating with the Local Planning Authority (LPA) for you.

We will furthermore provide you with a full quotation for the work that is required to be performed & can still manage any extra forms throughout the planning application process.

Tree Preservation Orders – What Are They?

A Tree Preservation Order, alternatively referred to as a TPO, is a preservation order that has been published by the local planning authority which is created to provide protection to specified trees, groups of trees or woodlands throughout England.

Not necessarily every tree that is safeguarded by a Tree Preservation Order will be obviously marked, so it’s generally best employing a qualified arborist to carry out the mandatory investigations. It’s a criminal offence to lop, damage, move, cut down, or top a tree that’s safeguarded by a Tree Protection Order and can carry a maximum fine of right up to ₤ 20,000.

The Local Planning Authority which you send your application to will depend on the site of the tree. If you aren’t certain about the situation of the trees that you want to tackle then you are able to find out additional suggestions on which LPA to enquire to through the use of a search engine such as Google. We would advise searching for the area or postcode followed by “council” e.g. search for, without the quotes “Chepstow Council”. You can additionally, contact our team and we will assist you to find the required information.

Planning authorities can be a district, unitary council, national park authority or borough so it is vital that each request is made appropriately to avoid needless denials.

It’s worth bearing in mind that new planning applications to undertake work in tree conservation locations in Chepstow can require up to 6 weeks, so we will get your planning application submitted for you at the earliest possibility to speed up the process. The LPA might request a surveyor to visit the location / property & we will collaborate with them over the course of the project planning to give the best possibility of the Tree Preservation Order being removed.

If the local Planning Authority don’t reply in six weeks then any tree work can performed within the law as planned &, needless to say, if the application is accepted quickly then we’ll aim to begin the project sooner where practical.

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Starting The Work On Your Tree Protection Order (TPO).

Chepstow Tree Surgeons have been providing tree surgery in [xfield_service-area2], [xfield_service-area3], [xfield_service-area4] & throughout the Gwent area for years. We’ve operated in several Chepstow conservation areas and have always kept a great relationship with the areas local planning authorities.

Everything starts by getting in touch for a your free, no obligation consultation so that we are able to begin the process of  checking if your tree is in a conservation area or has a TPO attached. We’ll give you a quotation and commence the process of applying to the LPA for planning permission.

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