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Tree And Shrub Pollarding

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Tree Pollarding is a procedure employed by tree surgeons where the higher branches of a tree, the crown, are taken off back to the main fork of the trees trunk. Pollarding needs to be done on a yearly basis and is normally performed in early spring or late winter depending on the type of tree. Pollarding should be avoided in the Autumn as it can cause fungal decay.

Pollarding maybe done for a lot of reasons:

  • It is predominantly utilised to manage trees at a predetermined height
  • It can encourage a thick head of foliage and branches
  • Done properly it is going to help keep the tree looking aesthetically appealing
  • It stops the tree from damaging buildings
  • It stops the tree from intruding onto overhead power lines
  • It reduces the level of shade beneath the tree
  • It promotes lateral branch growth
  • If the tree has notable die back in the canopy and is declining, pollarding would give the tree a second fighting chance as with no high cover to send water and nutrients into, the roots aren’t operating as hard and the tree is substantially less stressed.

Our expert Chepstow Tree surgeons come with a complete awareness of advanced tree and shrub trimming methods & will give you advice about the types of trees that do well as pollards, these include broadleaved species such as beeches, oaks, maples, horse chestnuts, limes and a few conifers such as yews are also suitable.

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